maandag 17 juni 2013

Sarah for the win!

Photo courtesy of The Blonde & The Brunette -
No I did not make a collage to congratulate myself ;)

For those of you who didn't already know: I won the entire Nicole by Opi Gumdrops Collection thanks to The Blonde & The Brunette (in Belgium mostly known for its Belgian contributor: the one and only Astrid 'Amazing' Bryan) ! Yay for me! I'm sort of becoming a make-up hoarder so adding six bottles to my ever growing nail polish collection makes me happy! ^^
*superficial much?*
The collection consists of six textured nail polishes (sort of a sugary feel, hence the gumdrop reference):
I Lilac Gumdrops
A lavender colour with silver glitters.
Cinna-Man of my Dreams
My personal favourite! A reddish brown with tons of glitter. Sort of a textured version of Opi's Warm & Fozzie, but with a slightly more reddish look to it.
A-Nise Treat
Black with silver sparkle.
My Cherry Amour
A deep red with lots of sparkle.
Candy is Dandy
A pink with big chunks of holographic glitter in it.
Blue-Berry Sweet On You
A sparkly blue.
Photo courtesy of ThePolishAholic
For swatches, check out ThePolishAholic!
I didn't do my own for various reasons:
1) the colours aren't all that summery, so I'm not really wearing them right now
2) Iphone quality pictures + nail close ups = blah!
3) and of course: general laziness! :)
My first impression? For a Gumdrops collection one might have exspected somewhat brighter colours (yellows or oranges). However some of the colours are really interesting looking. It's always fun to try out some new things even though I am not generally a fan of blues en purples. Perhaps I'll be surprised... What's your favourite?


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